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WCMAS is a restricted membership scheme registered in terms of the medical schemes act, and has been servicing its members, associated Employer Groups, and the community for over 80 years. The Scheme was founded in 1935 and originated from the amalgamation of a number of “medical clubs” operated by some of the Coal Mines in the Witbank area.

These “medical clubs” date back to the early 1920’s and mainly offered their members hospital benefits in return for a monthly membership fee. In 1935, these “medical clubs” amalgamated and formed the Witbank Coalfields Benefit Society (WCBS), a non-profit organization offering its members medical cover mainly through a panel doctor system. With the development in the Coal Mining Industry the Scheme went from strength to strength and in 1976 it changed from a Benefit Society to a Medical Aid Scheme, offering members a wide range of benefits at service providers of their choice.

The scheme currently offers four benefit options namely: Comprehensive, Midmas, Ntsika and Yebomed. The scheme is managed by a Board of Trustees made up of 50% employer representation and 50% employee representation. An internal audit committee oversees scheme activities and annual independent external audits are performed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. WCMAS has a sound financial record over 80 years with current reserves exceeding 99,79% of contribution income (as on 31 December 2019). The statutory requirement for reserves is 25%.

With an active Board of Trustees and well experienced and dedicated staff, we will continue to strive to provide our members with the most cost-effective medical scheme using innovative methods combined with effective management and administration.

Reporting Suspected Fraud

Reporting suspected fraud committed by a managed care organisation, doctor, healthcare practitioner, medical scheme or employee to:

  • WCMAS tip-off lines: share call 0860 104 302.
  • WCMAS’s Principal Officer (phone number obtainable from WCMAS switchboard) or any Board of Trustee member.
  • CMS’s Tip off Anonymous Hotline using its Toll-Free Number: 0800 867 423 / Free fax: 0800 00 77 88 e-mail address: cms@tip-offs.com

WCMAS offers a R3 000 reward where fraudulent medical cases are successfully investigated and prosecuted.  All information will be treated strictly confidential.

Fraud May Cost You Your Membership of the Medical Scheme

The Board of Trustees would like to point out to members that a number of cases have been detected where members and their dependants have committed fraud against the Scheme.  These members have been reported to the SAPS and their membership of the Scheme has been cancelled. Some members even lost their jobs as well as employers terminated their employment due to them defrauding the medical scheme.  The Scheme views fraud in a very serious light and would like to encourage members who have some concerns regarding fraud whether committed by a member or a supplier of services to contact the Manager of the Scheme, or the Board of Trustees, or the Disputes Committee or the Audit Committee.


For hospital confirmations please contact Universal Healthcare at:
Phone: +27(0)86 148-6472 or Email: preauthorisation@universal.co.za

Universal Healthcare manages WCMAS' Hospital Confirmations and hospital cases. Please discontinue to request hospital confirmations from MHS Ubuntu.

Members are reminded to always keep their ID documents and membership cards at hand when admitting at hospitals or when visiting health care service providers.