Benefits & Members' Guide for Ntsika Option 2022

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If you require any information on the clinical entrance criteria, prescribed minimum benefits algorithms, medicine exclusions and tariff codes and amounts, please refer to the WCMAS Call Centre at (013) 656-1407.

Contribution Tables

Premium Shown Below Includes Employer Subsidy

Contributions for 2022 Ntsika option

The monthly contributions payable by members or their Units shall be collected monthly and paid by the employer by no later than the 3rd day of each month and shall be as follows:

Salary Code Salary Range Principal Member Adult Dependant Child Dependant
R 0 to R 10 000
R 990
R 990
R 417
R 10 001 to R 15 000
R 1 037
R 1 037
R 469
R 15 001+
R 1 563
R 1 563
R 677

Free from the 4th child.

Members remain liable at all times for payment of contributions to the Scheme, irrespective of whether he/she receives financial assistance from the employer towards a subsidy.

Network Service Providers

Call Centre contact details

For all claims and service provider information, please contact the Call Centre on 0861 486 472.

Designated Service Providers

Important Information And Promotions

For all pharmacy information, please contact the Call Centre on 0861 486 472.

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For more information on site-visits by our representative, please contact your HR office.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

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